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October 28, 2016


Yep. I stayed in Hong Kong during holiday, but I didn’t really mind though. Because my sister and I decided to kill our time in Macau!

By the way, Macau is a tiny ‘casino city’ and it doesn’t have many interesting places to go (yea, people said so). Plus, I am 19 and ain’t allowed to enter the casino or even to gamble. So we found some places that are worth a visit other than casinos! And here is a mini guide of 5 things to do, if you only have 48 hours in Macau!

Ruins of St. Paul

Let’s get the day started. The sun was shining and we had so much left to do!

First stop, The Ruins of St. Paul. It’s famous. I know. But I just have figured out that it was literally a ‘ruin’ of a church (thought that it was just a bare name). Yep, a Portuguese church. It was so crowded during the holiday and there was only a cramped space to actually enjoy this beautiful ruins of one of the largest Catholic church in Asia during the16th century.

Nope, it wasn’t easy to get there since we had no preparation for the bus routes (yeah, it’s a last minute trip), but we finally made it!

*You can find those maps or guides for bus routes at the ferry terminal

Buy Portuguese Tarts!


The complex was pretty large and I could find many snacks and Chinese foods along the alleys. We all know the famous Portuguese Tart in Macau and we found that Koi Kei Bakery sells the best (and affordable) ones!

It costs 9 bucks for each (you can pay with MOP,HKD, or even RMB here, they accept those 3 currencies). Fortunately, the tarts worth my money. I bought more and more and more. I couldn’t stop eating…

That was actually my very first time tasting a Portuguese tart!! #lame. Lots of people were queuing for it but nah, don’t worry. They got so many branches. We could find 1 every 10 meters.


People love Koi Kei that much.

Monte Forte


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I personally love historical places and there is no reason not to visit one! The fort was only 10-15 minutes walk from the Ruin’s of Saint Paul. After we had got some foods and snacks, we were heading to Fortaleza do Monte~

Yes, it’s a little walk, but really not a steep nor a tiring one. The weather was nice and we love the city view! Anyway, I can’t promise you the same vibes if you choose to visit Macau in summer😉


They got this not-so-big museum of Macau’s history. It pretty much sums up how Macau was colonised and developed by Portuguese. It costs 30 MOP/HKD/RMB for entrance ticket andddd we love the museum! Chinese culture, Portuguese culture, story of the colonisation, ancient artworks, and many other stuffs you would like to see for just 30 dollars.

Templo De A-Ma


We went to one of the oldest Taoist temples in Macau the day after Chinese New Year. It was full of people praying but fortunately, it was big and high enough to accommodate the crowds.

A-Ma Temple was constructed during the Ming dynasty, to commemorate Mazu, the goddess of sea. The ‘Ma’ in ‘A-ma’ is actually where the name of ‘Ma-Cau’ came from.

You’ll find a great place to chill around the temple, as well as few of other interesting spots that are worth the little hike. Sit back, order some street foods and enjoy your afternoon.

Mandarin House


Time to head back to this kind of classical site. Another 15-minutes hike, and totally worth it. For those who love traditional Chinese house and architecture, this might be your ‘home’. For those who don’t, this place might be great for your Instagram’s feeds.

I have to say that Mandarin House is definitely my favourite site of the trip. Anyway, the house used to be 5 times bigger than it is today.

The house is reaaaally beautiful. All the pictures that I’ve taken show nothing of it!


We spent the rest of our day in Senado Square, Macau Tower, Wynn, Venetian. After all, these are few things that I found the most compelling from my short-trip to Macau!

Thank’s to my 姐姐. Cheers!

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