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The maximum number of passengers per booking is 8. Each adult may travel with up to 3 children and 1 infant.


Each infant passenger must be accompanied by an adult. Please note that the infant passenger must be under 24 months throughout the whole journey and does not occupy a seat. Bassinets are not bookable online. Please sign-in and make your request in the "Edit My Booking" section for bassinet requests (subject to airline regulations). Please note that the child passenger must be under 12 years old throughout the whole journey.


Cheap Flights from Hong Kong (HKG) to Tokyo (TYO)

Tokyo Travel Tips

Tokyo is Japan's capital and it is also one of the world's three largest financial centers other than New York and London. It has a total number of 35 million residents and is currently the world's most populous metropolitan area. Tokyo is in the Kantō region on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu and includes the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. Originally known as Edo but after the Meiji Restoration, it had changed to its present name and became the capital of Japan. With the continuous influence as the hub in terms of politics, economy, culture and transportation in Japan, Tokyo is always playing an important role in the world. .

In a smaller scale, Shinjuku is the city’s most prosperous regions. In addition to an important commercial and tourist district, the city is also a transportation hub of Tokyo. Shinjuku has an extreme mix of cultures with the noble business district and concentrated in department stores such as Mitsukoshi , Isetan and Marui on one side and the famous red-light district Kabukicho on the other.

Furthermore, Tokyo’s iconic status in the fashion industry has attracted numerous numbers of fashion lovers and as a result, Tokyo has become a shopping paradise in Asia. At the same time, the city still retains many historical monuments and plays as a role model in preserving the urban coexistence of old and new. Thus, it is a good place to visit ancient Japanese architecture. Check out latest Japan air ticket offers from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

Tokyo Travel Restrictions on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

From Mar 5, 2020, Japan has put travel restrictions on all foreign travelers to avoid COVID-19 spreading. All travellers entry into Japan has to undergo a 14-day period of home quarantine upon arrival. Japan has also put visa-free access policy on hold for Hong Kong & Macau residents until Apr 30, 2020.


*Latest update as of Apr 1, 2020

Tokyo Airport info

From HK to Tokyo, flight time is around 4 hours; International flight from hk Tokyo will arrive in Narita International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND).

Tokyo Weather

Tokyo lie in the humid subtropical climate zone with hot humid summers and generally mild winters with cool spells. Annual rainfall averages nearly 1,530 millimeters, with a wetter summer and a drier winter. Tokyo also often sees typhoons each year, though few are strong. Snowfall is sporadic, but does occur almost annually.

Tokyo Transportation

Tokyo is the largest domestic and international hub for rail, ground, and air transportation in Japan. Public transportation within Tokyo is dominated by trains and subways run by a variety of operators, with buses, monorails and trams playing a secondary feeder role. JR East operates Tokyo's largest railway network, including the Yamanote Line loop that circles the center of downtown Tokyo. Two different organizations operate the subway network: the private Tokyo Metro and the governmental Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. The metropolitan government and private carriers operate bus routes and one tram route. Other transportation includes taxis operating in the special wards and the cities and towns. Also long-distance ferries serve the islands of Tokyo and carry passengers and cargo to domestic and foreign ports.

Tokyo Cuisine

The Tsukiji Market is located in Tsukiji in central Tokyo, between the Sumida River and the upmarket Ginza shopping district. Marine products sections are set up in three markets: Tsukiji, Ohta and Adachi. Above all Tsukiji Market is one of the biggest markets in the world. While the inner wholesale market has restricted access to visitors, the outer retail market, restaurants and associated restaurant supply stores remain a major tourist attraction for both domestic and overseas visitors. Around the market, there are plenty of seafood stalls and sushi shop; they are the best and freshest fish you will ever taste.

Although sushi and tempura are the signature dishes of Japanese food, but the popularity of Ramen cannot be neglected. Tokyo as the world of gourmet paradise, there are 14 restaurants received the highest three-star rating in the Michelin and a total of 242 two -star and one-star restaurants. You can now understand why Tokyo is so famous for the quality of food in the world.

Tokyo Famous attractions

Since the completion in 1958, the 333 meters tall Tokyo Tower has been a landmark of Tokyo. From the observation deck, tourists can enjoy the whole fascinating cityscape of Tokyo. You can also find restaurants, aquariums and other facilities in the tower. If you are lucky enough, one can see the Mount Fuji on spot when the weather is sunny and warm.p>

Another new spots Tokyo is Tokyo Sky Tree which is also known as the new Tokyo Tower. It is located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo and is now the world's second highest man-made structures only after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Sensō-ji is Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo. Sensoji Temple is always on the must-visit list in Tokyo and visitors are bound to take pictures with the main gate lantern. During World War II, the temple was bombed and destroyed. It was rebuilt later and is a symbol of rebirth and peace to the Japanese people. Within the temple is a quiet contemplative garden kept in the distinctive Japanese style.

Tokyo Disneyland has long been the most popular attraction to family travelers with children. It was the first theme park in Asia founded by Walt Disney Company .There are seven themed areas in the park. Throughout the year, colorful parade, shows and firework celebration are scheduled.