The perfect itinerary for water lovers

作者: Marco
1月 23, 2019

The moment we set foot on Krabi, we decided to visit a local dive shop and booked a fun dive for the second day.

The next morning, we dived near the Phi Phi Island, including Maya Nui and Maya Corner. In these areas, we saw a variety of fishes such as Fugu, shark and sea turtles. The water was pretty clear and we had an amazing time there. That night, we went to a restaurant in Ao Nang and also had a message at an authentic place.

We visited the Krabi Hot Springs and it took around more than an hour to travel from Ao Nang to the Springs. It was SUPER crowded in the area and we were not able to get ourselves in there.

Next, we went to the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool. The water was pretty clear with shades of turquoise green, but then the area is pretty slippery, so always be careful when you go down or up the pool.

Lastly, we visited the tiger cave temple and walked for 1,260 steps up to the top. It was pretty tiring, and it actually took us around an hour to reach to the top. The stairs were also pretty steep, so if you have poor fitness, I suggest you reconsider visiting the area.

That night, we went to the Krabi Town Night Market instead of the Ao Nang one. We searched online and found that the Krabi Town Night Market seems to be more popular and it is indeed quite enjoyable. There were a variety of foods and snacks there and everything was pretty tasty. They also sell a variety of souvenirs with a decent price. However, be sure you go there before 7pm or so, because it will start to get crowded around dinner time.

On the last day, we visited the Taming island for snorkelling, but there weren’t actually much fishes to see. Then we arrived in Poda Island where we swam around the beach.

Afterwards, we visited Puya Bay, Chicken Island, Tup Island and Phra Nang Cave. We took some nice photos in the area. Lastly, we went to Railay Beach for dinner. Beware that there are mosquitos on the beach, so apply some mosquito repellent before that!

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