A fantastic 4 days trip to Jeju Island!

作者: Vivienng
11月 23, 2018

Day 1:

It takes around 4 hours from Hong Kong to Jeju island. We lived near Gwangyang, but I would recommend living on the East side of the airport since most of the shopping centres are surrounded in that area. Also, make sure to check out the bus schedule on google map, since the traffic in Jeju is quite underdeveloped.


In the morning, we took bus No.600 and arrived at Port Seogwipo. We went there for the Seogwipo Submarine, and although it was quite pricey, I believe it was a quite unique experience. They also have photos as souvenirs by the end of the trip.


Then we traveled to the spirited garden, by taking Bus No.702 and changing to Bus No.950. The traveling time took around 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a nice walk in the spirited garden, but it was quite an isolated place. There was nothing besides the garden.


Then we took Bus No.967 to the glass castle.


Then we traveled to Jeju City Hall to have dinner, which took around 2 hours and 30 minutes to go back to the city centre.


Day 2:

In the morning, we traveled to Eco Land by Bus No.730, which took around an hour of bus ride. We got off at Jeju Stone Park and walked to Eco Land. Eco Land was amazing, and I would definitely recommend going if you have a chance to visit Jeju. It is like a fantasy dreamland where you could take lots of nice photos in the area.


Then we took Bus No.730 again and traveled another 30 minutes, arriving at mini mini land. Everything was a miniature version of many famous structures all over the world. It was quite nice, but if you have no time to spare during the day, I think this place is a spot that could be missed.


We hopped on Bus No.730 again, and interchanged to Bus.910, which took around 2 hours and 30 minutes for us to arrive aqua planet. The aquarium was really nice and big, but quite far from the city centre, so this is also a spot that could be missed since the transportation is quite burdensome.


At night, we had abalone congee, which is a famous dish in that area. We headed back with a full and warm stomach.


Day 3:

We took Bus No.720-1 to the Ice Museum. The ice museum was really pretty, but really cold at the same time, so remember to bring a jacket when you’re going there. I think it’s worth the price to go there, there’s also a trickeye museum on the 3rd floor if you’d like some photo-taking. We also ate in the cafe for lunch, and it was pretty nice.


We then travelled back to the city centre (Jeju City Hall) for lunch by taking Bus No.710-1. Then took another Bus No.990 to the Manjanggul Cave, which took around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The cave was a nice walk, but beware of the slippery places, and I don’t think it’s recommended to wear slippers there since there are a lot of rocks and bumpy roads that you gotta walk on. Afterwards, we took Bus No.990 to Gimnyeong Maze Park, which took around 5 minutes. Realistically speaking, this place could be missed if you’re not a big fan of mazes.


We took Bus No.701 and interchanged Bus No.95 back to the city centre for dinner and shopping. Beware of the bus schedule, cause I think a lot of bus stops at around 10PM or 11PM, so by the time we finish dinner or shopping, we realised that we do not have any means of transportation to travel back to our hotel. So eventually, we took the taxi back, but since it’s relatively pricey, I think it’s better to stick with public buses if you’re low on budget.


Day 4:

We went to Jeongbang Falls then to Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market. We bought a few souvenirs there and visited the Chilsungro shop street.

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