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作者: Angela Lee
2月 6, 2019

First stop in Boston, we visited USA’s infamous burger shop, Shake Shack. It is quite similar to Mcdonalds or Burger King with many chain stores, but they are quite pricey. The milkshakes there were rather sweet, but the size of the burger was not as large as I expected it to be. However, I believe if you’re planning to not have a heavy meal, it would be alright to share a meal between 2. Their beef and mushroom burger were quite good, with a large portion of fries.

After filling up our tummies, we visited the prestigious Harvard University. The campus was quite big, and it is definitely worth visiting this institution since it is well known and respected globally. The campus buildings are beautiful, and the neighbourhood is quite relaxing. We also took some photos in front of the library and within the area.

We walked further away from the university and ended up in Harvard Square. Harvard Square is basically the area close to Harvard University. There are pretty good restaurants and shops in the area. Also there are souvenir shops that sells Harvard hoodies, T-shirts and cups, you can name it.

One of Boston’s free and most famous attractions would be the Freedom Trail. The entire path is paved with red bricks which guides tourist to most famous and important historic sights in Boston. This trail is a must for walkers, and it gives a great opportunity for us to visit many of Boston’s landmarks. Also, do not fear, the path is fairly easy to walk. There are around 16 sites you could visit along the way, including Faneuil Hall, Old North Church, the Paul Revere House, King’s Chapel and the Bunker Hill Monument. I saw some tours in the area, so if you do have interest in the history of Boston, you could join a local tour, but I simply just walked according to the directions of the path and took some nice photos.

Next stop is the Fanueil Hall Marketplace, it includes a complex of building including Faneuil Hall, Quincy market, North Market and South Market. There are many shops, restaurants in the area. It’s a good place for lunch that you could frequently visit with your family and friends. There are also vendors in the area selling souvenirs such as T-shirts etc.

The Quincy market is where you could have a light meal. The market was quite big and also sold various cuisines. The Philly Cheesesteak was really good, but there are numerous delicious choices that you could choose from. There are seats available in the middle of the market.


Along the way to Boston Commons, we visited a shop called Luke’s lobster. It is a Maine-style lobster shack and it is well known for its lobster rolls. Their staffs are friendly and outstanding, and the decoration of the shop is quite cozy. It was a great lunch and I really liked their combo with lobster roll, shrimp and crab. Their lobster grilled cheese is also good too, so do pay a visit!

Next stop is the Boston Common. It is a great place to visit and it is quite picturesque in the winter time. There are plenty of wide walking paths and a great place for you to relax. The park seems to be taken care of since it is quite clean and we didn’t see much litter along the way. Some people choose to picnic in the area as well.

Nearby is Beacon Hill. It is quite nice for pictures as it exemplifies the historic Boston neighbourhood with a hint of New England charm as you stroll along the way. The Louisburg Square, Mt. Vernon street and Chestnut street are narrow and known for photographs. Along the Charles street, there are boutiques and shops selling clothes, coffee and restaurants. Do bring a camera if you’re planning to visit.

Last stop in Boston, we visited the infamous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is a must visit destination in Boston or Cambridge with remarkable architecture. There seems to be free open lectures and open tours that visits the university. The campus was really nice, and there’s also souvenir shops selling shirts and cups printed with MIT symbol and words on there, just like Harvard University. So, definitely do pay a visit to MIT if you’re in Boston!

At night, we visited a shopping mall, and ate in the cafeteria. We kind of missed Hong Kong food, so we visited the Panda Express. There’s a lot of Chinese food to choose and all with a great and desirable price.

Boston has its charms, and I certainly believe that it is a place definitely worth visiting in the US!

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