Enjoy Sea Salt Spa
Okinawa is famous with its beautiful natural resource of salt, which is not only rich in minerals and contains various flavors for cooking, but it also offers therapeutic benefits for beauty and health. Especially for girls that love spa and massage, Okinawan sea salt can help you to gently exfoliate, ease muscle tension and relieves mental stress through body treatment. Sea salt spa is available in many locations including the world-renowned spa salon CREER DU DECLEOR in Okinawa. Let’s relax after shopping to recover from fatigue!
Address: 923-1 Miyara, Ishigaki, Okinawa (Kariyushi Club Hotel Ishigakijima)
Spa Resort Exe
Address: 2592-40 Yajihara, Nakama, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Girl’s Time on “Love Island”
Kouri Island is also known as Kuijima (Love Island), where has popular shooting location for the filming and TV show. It takes around 2 hours to get to Kouri Island from Naha through Kouri Bridge. Kuijima is a charming island with beautiful beaches. Among all beaches, the most enchanted one must be Tinu beach, where you must go to check out the romantic heart-shaped rock. Also, girls can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, canoeing and diving in here!
Address: Kouri Island, Okinawa
The Kuroshio Sea
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium at Ocean Expo Park has the world class aquarium tank. The tank is 10m deep, 35m long and 27m wide. You can even find whale sharks and manta rays here. Many tourists are attracted by this deep blue world every year.
Address: 424 Ishikawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Ryukyu Dress Experience
Let’s take a walk on Kokusai Street in real Ryukyuan dress and hairstyle! The Ryukyu Studio Chura Bijin on Kokusai Street will dress you up in traditional Ryukyuan dress and teach you essential knowledge about Ryukyuan style.
Address: Heiwa-dori Shopping Street 2F, 3-1-21, Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa (near Makishi Public Market)
DIY Colorful Glasswork
A trip to a Glass Studio is a must-see while visiting Okinawa. Take a tour through the factory and you will know how craftsmen create different glass art. Among all the studios, Ryukyu Glass Craft is the largest. You may try D.I.Y. glass cup, photo frame and accessories there and send it to friends as souvenirs.
Ryukyu Glass Craft
Address: 169 Fukuji, Itoman City, Okinawa
Minatogawa Area in Urasoe City
Minatogawa used to be a housing area for US military members. It’s been transformed to a unique mix of restaurants, cafes, bakeries and boutiques. Spending half day there and you will find this place absolutely enjoyable!
Minatogawa Area
Address: Minatogawa, Urasoe City, Okinawa
Beach Lounge
Okinawa has numerous beaches. Why don’t sit back and relax in below restaurants and live your life? All the good things in life are there for you.
Hamabe no Chaya
30-minute away from Naha and you will find Hamabe no Chaya. It’s a coffee shop filled with sea breeze. The view looks different depending on the change of season, weather, time and even your mood! But no matter how the tide changes, it is still a charming café by the sea.
Address: 2-1, Aza-Tamagusuku, Tamagusuku, Nanjyo-shi, Okinawa
This seaside restaurant with amazing view captures the very best scenery of Okinawan coastline. Its dessert collection is way beyond your sweet expectation.
Address: 1663 Tsukishiro, Nanjo, Okinawa
Resort Café KAI
This resort cafe in Toyosaki beach park is close to the Ashibanaa Outlet. It is a perfect dining choice for shoppers! Designed by a famous local architect, you will find the whole dining expeience especially enjoyable with sophisticated interior design and spectacular panoramic seaview.
Address: 5-1 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku, Okinawa
Fancy a romantic sunset date with your love? CAHAYA BULAN, a Japanese / Indonesian fusion café is off the beaten track. But still, many people love this place for its peaceful and beautiful sunset. Its purple potato desserts and other snacks are not to be missed too.
Address: 429-1 Bise, Motobu, Kunigami District, Okinawa
Sweet Space
Rcafe at American Village mainly offers all day breakfast like egg benedict, American breakfast and sandwiches. Some travelers are amazed by its tasty French toast, aromatic coffee and spectacular sea view too.

Address: 9-39 Mihama, Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Blue Seal
Every Okinawa travelers should have heard about Blue Seal. Other than its 30 original flavors, the shop offers limited edition ice cream flavor from time to time. Quick and economical dinner like burger and pasta are available in Blue Seal too.
Address: Branches all over Okinawa. For detailed address please see: http://www.blueseal.co.jp/shop/
Vita Smoothies
A tiny juice shop attracts a large number of customers just because of "freshness". All fruit are freshly delivered from the famous fruit farm, Yamanashi. You can even taste the pulp when drinking. Whether you like seasonal or custom mix, serve with a piece of sandwich or cake will make your afternoon tea even more nutritious.
Address: 1/F Makishi Building, 2-17-17 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa
Le Patissier Jyo-gi
It's just like an edible museum as all the exhibits can be eaten! The desserts in Le Patissier Jyo-gi look fabulous and taste even better. But don't wait too long for being pepperazzi, eating these exquisitely handmade art immediately is the right thing to do.
Address: 2-3-10 Aja, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Exciting Aquatic Activity
Miyako-jima Island is surrounded by crystal clear water & powdery sand. It is a one-stop destination for submarine, canoeing, banana boat, snorkeling, scuba diving and other water activities. If you are staying in the Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts, a variety of water sports can be arranged through the hotel. So after that you can return to hotel to take a shower with all convenience.
Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts
Address: 914, Shimojiaza-yonaha, Miyakojima-shi, Okinawa
Be a Mermaid
Some people love playing water sports but some others not. Some consider a “Like” on social media is even more valuable! Sirena Irabujima Tour is the one for "Like" maniac. Just put on a mermaid fishtail and you can pose like a model on the shore. The tail is not merely a costume, but also a snorkeling equipment. If you are 6 years old or above and you know how to swim, you are destined to be a mermaid!
Price: JPY10,000 (1 pax); JPY7000 Each (2 pax or above)
The Best Beach @ Japan
Yonaha Maehama Beach in front of Miyakojima Tokyu Hotels & Resorts was selected as 2013 Travelers' Choice Awards for the top 10 beaches in Japan by TripAdvisor. Sunayama Beach looks even more interesting. Its arch-shaped rock is a miniature of Manzamou. It is formed by centuries of crashing waves cutting a natural gate into the coral wall. Standing at the top of the high dunes, both locals and travelers will certainly enjoy an intimate moment overlooking sunset and emerald green waters.
Address: 5-1 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa
Feeling Surrounded by Water
Surrounded by 270-degree sea view, the 1,690-meter long Kurima Ohashi Bridge connecting Miyako-jima Island and Kurima Island is the best sunset viewing point. You can drive on the bridge, take a walk, stand on the bridge or observation deck to enjoy the stunning sea view.
Closer to Nature
Miyakojima Kaichukoen is different from other aquariums. There you can have intimate touch with tropical fish and observe the breeding and rearing of other marine organisms. There are observatory towers under and above the sea, the former for marine lovers and the latter for sunset chasers.
Address: Karimata-2511-1 Hirara, Miyakojima, Okinawa
Ueno German Culture Village
There is a story behind the Ueno German Culture Village. In 1873, the King of Germany built a monument to thank Miyako-jima Island residents for rescuing German crew's lives. It's later developed to a theme park with various amenities, such as German castle “Marksburg”, theme park “Kinder House”, “Seas Sky” underwater observatory boat, restaurant and Philanthropy Commemorative Hall. Visitors can put on traditional German costumes and take for a time travel back to medieval times.
Address: 775-1, Ueno Miyaguni, Miyakojima-City, Okinawa
Okinawa Air Ticket
‧ Hong Kong Airlines
HK$ 1,340 up/per PAX
Okinawa 3-Day/2-Night Package
‧ Cathay Pacific/Dragonair
‧ 2 night’s accommodation with breakfast
HK$ 3,499 up/per PAX
Okinawa 3-Day/2-Night Ocean Addition Package
‧ Cathay Pacific/Dragonair
‧ 2 night’s accommodation with breakfast
‧ Optional activity tour (2 Choice of 1):
  - Orca underwater sightseeing cruise or
  - Coral dyeing experience
HK$ 3,799 up/per PAX
Okinawa 3-Day/2-Night Gourmet Package
‧ Cathay Pacific/Dragonair
‧ 2 night’s accommodation with breakfast
‧ Optional meal tour (2 Choice of 1):
  - Okinawa Traditional Show & Ryukyu Cuisine Dinner or
  - Okinawan Foods and Folk Music
HK$ 3,899 up/per PAX