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Shibuya-Sky Image Source: Shibuya Scramble Square


The newest popular attraction! Stand on the 229-meter-high observation deck to enjoy the views of Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Mount Fuji. You can see the iconic Shibuya Crossing when looking down. There are several large shopping malls nearby for you to enjoy shopping and staying at a hotel in Shibuya is also a great choice.

Gotokuji Temple Image Source: Ryoichi Shimizu

Gotokuji Temple

The beckoning cat is often believed to bring good luck to others. One of the three major beckoning cat shrines in Tokyo is Gotokuji Temple, which is famous for having over a thousand beckoning cat statues. It is also known as the birthplace of the beckoning cat of fortune.

Mount Fuji Image Source: Phattana / Adobe Stock

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and offers a stunning view from its base. There are many hot spring hotels near Mount Fuji. You can enjoy Japan's unique hot spring culture while enjoying the scenery of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.

ASAKUSA IMAHAN Sukiyaki Image Source: 浅草のれん会


ASAKUSA IMAHAN is one of the popular sukiyaki restaurants in Tokyo, known for its beef sukiyaki. They specialize in cooking the sukiyaki in the Kanto style, where a rich sukiyaki sauce is heated and then snowflake beef slices are added, cooking it to a medium-rare state before dipping it in beaten egg.

Ramen Kamotoneg Image Source: tokamonegy / x.com

Ramen Kamotoneg

Kamotoneg is a popular ramen dish in Ueno. It features a soup base made from duck, spring onions, and water, topped with duck meat. You can even add a side of duck and egg rice bowl to enhance your dining experience.

GINZA KYUBEY Image Source: www.kyubey.jp


Tokyo's popular sushi restaurant! GINZA KYUBEY is the first restaurant to use sea urchin and salmon roe as ingredients for sushi. When you visit Tokyo, be sure to include this restaurant in your trip!

Tsutenkaku Tower Image Source: Megatronx / Shutterstock.com

Tsutenkaku Tower

Tsutenkaku Tower currently features not only a special observatory called "Tenbou Paradise" on the top floor but also a transparent glass floor called "TIP THE TSUTENKAKU" at a height of 92.5 meters above the ground. Additionally, a giant slide called "Tower Slider" has been added next to the tower, offering views of the cityscape along the way. Tsutenkaku Tower is located in the middle of the Shinsekai district, where you can find shopping streets and a variety of delicious food options nearby. Considering a hotel in the Shinsekai area would be a great idea.

Minoh Falls Image Source: anekoho / Adobe Stock

Minoh Falls

The Meiji Forest Minoh Quasi-National Park, located in the northern part of Osaka, is Japan's oldest forest park. The park's valley forest trail is one of the popular spots for autumn foliage viewing. Visitors can also enjoy the Minoh Falls, a perfect place to relax while traveling in Japan.

Mount Inunaki Image Source: conafay / Adobe Stock

Mount Inunaki

For the Mount Inunaki, it has been the closest hot spring destination to Kansai International Airport and has gained immense popularity among visitors. It offers a wide range of hotels where you can enjoy yourself in rock baths or open-air hot springs, providing a perfect opportunity to relax.

Yaekatsu Image Source: 関西ウォーカー編集部 / walkerplus.com


Kushikatsu is one of the representative dishes of Osaka, and Yaekatsu offers a wide variety  of kushikatsu options, including vegetables, meats, and seafood. The kushikatsu has a crispy outer coating and served with a special dipping sauce, making it delicious.

Fukutaro Okonomiyaki Image Source: マッハのオススメごはん / tabelog.com

Fukutaro Okonomiyaki

Speaking of Osaka, you must try Okonomiyaki. Fukutarou Okonomiyaki is one of the well-known restaurants and has also been recognized by the Michelin Guide as a recommended dining destination.

GUENPIN Image Source: 玄品 とらふぐ料理専門店


GUENPIN is a Japanese restaurant specializing in puffer fish cuisine. They use the torafugu, which is considered the highest quality among fugu species. The restaurant offers a variety of dining options, including sashimi and hot pot preparations.

Cape Manzamo Image Source: しゅう / Adobe Stock

Cape Manzamo

Cape Manzamo, also known as the elephant's trunk-shaped cliff, is a highly iconic attraction in Okinawa. The coastline has been eroded by the sea over a long period, resulting in a rock formation that resembles an elephant's trunk. Travelers are likely to visit here, allowing them to appreciate the unique beauty of the area. There are also numerous seaside hotels in the surrounding area, making it a great choice for accommodation with ocean views.

Toguchi Beach Image Source: yuuta / Adobe Stock

Toguchi Beach

Toguchi Beach, connected to Toguchi Park, is particularly known for the large rock formations standing not far from the coastline. Due to the shallow water level, visitors can even walk over to the rocks and take photos. It's a unique feature of Toguchi Beach that adds to its charm and makes it a great spot for photography.

Blue Cave Okinawa Image Source: GOOD LUCK TRIP

Blue Cave Okinawa

The Blue Cave, located at Cape Maeda, is a unique attraction. Half of the cave is above the water surface, while the other half is submerged in the sea. When sunlight enters the cave, the underwater surface shimmers with a beautiful blue light, making it one of the world's two known blue caves. You can explore the cave through diving, especially during the summer. If you enjoy water activities, you should not miss out on this incredible experience!

Neo Park Okinawa Image Source: ネオパークオキナワ

Neo Park Okinawa

Neo Park,  located in northern Okinawa, is a family-friendly attraction in Okinawa. The park is themed around Australia, South America, and Africa and is divided into various sections, including wild boar ranch and Amazon jungle. Children can get close with small animals and even feed them. Additionally, Okinawa offers a variety of family-friendly hotels suitable for families.

A Happy Pancake Image Source: kirariddim35さん / 4travel.jp

A Happy Pancake

Apart from choosing a sea-view hotel on Umikaji Terrace, there are other places where you can enjoy the ocean views, such as sitting at the outdoor area at Happy Pancake. You can sit there, feel the gentle sea breeze, and enjoy their fluffy soufflé pancakes. It has become a popular dessert for tourists visiting Okinawa.

Shrimp Wagon Image Source: GOOD LUCK TRIP

Shrimp Wagon

Shrimp Wagon has become one of the popular restaurants in Okinawa. It features large shrimp topped with garlic sauce. What makes it even better is that you can enjoy  this dish while sitting in the front row, enjoying the ocean view.

Futamigaura Meoto Iwa Image Source: crossroadfukuoka.jp

Futamigaura Meoto Iwa

In the northern part of Kijima Island, there are two rocks called "Meoto Iwa", which are one of the most popular attractions in the Kijima Island area. There are other spots nearby, including the Palm Tree Swing and Sakura Shrine. If you are visiting Fukuoka, be sure to plan a day trip to Kijima Island! There are also excellent hotels available on the island!

Shikanoshima Island Image Source: crossroadfukuoka.jp

Shikanoshima Island

In addition to its natural beauty, Shikanoshima Island is also home to historic shrines and stone monuments. It is a popular destination for cyclists, as you can cycle around the island and enjoy the scenic views of the Katsuma Beach.

Tenjin Food Stalls Image Source: GOOD LUCK TRIP

Tenjin Food Stalls

The atmosphere of the food stalls in Fukuoka has a cozy izakaya vibe and they offer affordable and delicious street food. They are popular among Japanese people for enjoying drinks, late-night snacks, and relaxing after work. When visiting Tenjin, you must try Fukuoka's food stalls. Tenjin is also home to five major department stores and shopping streets. Additionally, there are several new hotels in Tenjin, conveniently located near Fukuoka Airport.

Ramen Shin Shin Image Source: 博多らーめん ShinShin 天神本店

Ramen Shin Shin

A ramen shop unique to Fukuoka! Shin Shin comes highly recommended by locals. Their ramen features a rich and flavorful pork bone broth that is not overly salty.

Ganso Hakata Mentaiju Image Source: 元祖博多めんたい重

Ganso Hakata Mentaiju

When visiting Fukuoka, you must try various dishes made with mentaiko! Ganso Hakata Mentaiju stands out with its unique preparation method. The mentaiko is wrapped with kelp and then placed on white rice covered in seaweed.

Motsunabe Image Source: taa22 / Adobe Stock


One of the specialty dishes in Fukuoka is Motsunabe, which is a hot pot dish made with beef intestines, tofu, vegetables, and special seasonings.

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