【Notes for Hong Kong residents traveling to and from the Mainland】 Mainland China Entry and Quarantine Policy

Date: 18 Feb, 2022

Recently, various cities in Mainland China have different entry quarantine policies. Before entering Mainland China, travellers can use WeChat to enter the State Council mini-program to learn about the entry quarantine policies of different provinces and cities in the Mainland. There are mainly 2 quarantine arrangements for Hong Kong residents entering Mainland China, details as below:


Entering Zhuhai and Shanghai, entrants are required to undergo 14-day hotel quarantine and 7-day home quarantine, for a total of 21 days of quarantine.

Travellers are required to stay in a designated health monitoring hotel for 14 days, and in principle, travellers are not allowed to leave the room. The requirement for a quarantine hotel is one room per person. If you are accompanied by an elderly person over 70 years old, a child under 14 years old, or a legal couple (must hold a marriage certificate), you can be quarantined in the same hotel room as a family. The choice of the hotel is randomly assigned by the authorities. Entry from Hong Kong must submit a certificate of negative nucleic acid test result within 24 hours.


The quarantine measures in Shenzhen have been changed from "14+7" to "7+7+7". Travellers need to complete 7-day centralized quarantine, 7-day home quarantine and 7-day home health monitoring, for a total of 21 days of quarantine.

Shenzhen quarantine hotels are randomly assigned by the Shenzhen Quarantine Hotel reservation system. Based on the residential address filled in by the traveller, the system will assign them to the hotel in the corresponding area.

Hong Kong residents can now return to Hong Kong without quarantine through the "Return2HK" scheme. Hong Kong residents staying in other Mainland provinces and cities other than Guangdong Province can be exempted from the 14-day compulsory quarantine arrangement upon returning to Hong Kong as long as they meet the conditions under the " Return2HK " scheme. The daily quota for "Return2HK" scheme is limited. You must make an appointment in the online reservation system before returning to Hong Kong.

Friendly Reminder:

Due to the current pandemic situation, Mainland China and Hong Kong will update their entry and exit arrangements from time to time. If you plan to travel to and from Hong Kong to mainland China, you must visit the official websites of various cities or provinces in Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR Government before departure.

Please Stay Safe💪

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