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Citi Credit Card and Limited-time Welcome Offers (“Promotion”) Terms and Conditions:
  1. 1. Unless otherwise specified, the promotion period is from March 13, 2023 to June 12, 2023 (both days inclusive) (“Promotion Period”).
  2. 2. The Promotion is organized by Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Citibank”) and (“Merchant”).
  3. 3. New Customers (as defined in Clause 4) are entitled to receive the welcome offers (“Welcome Offers”) by completing all of the following reward conditions (“Eligible Cardholders”):
    1. a. a. Submit an application via the designated link provided by the Merchant to apply for a principal card of Citi PremierMiles Card, Citi Cash Back Card, Citi Rewards UnionPay Card, Citi Rewards Mastercard (except Citi Rewards Card (Student)), Citi The Club Credit Card or Citi Prestige Card (“Designated Card”) issued by Citibank during the Promotion Period (“Card Application”).
    2. b. Have Designated Card successfully approved by Citibank within one (1) month from the date of Card Application submission and successfully activated the relevant Designated Card within one (1) month from the date of card issuance by Citibank and
    3. c. Fulfill the relevant Welcome Offers spending conditions below (if applicable)
    Each Eligible Cardholders will be entitled to the Welcome Offers if the following spending conditions (if any) were met. Please refer to the below table for spending conditions and fulfilment details:
      Welcome Offers Spending Conditions Fulfillment Period
    1 HK$600 e-Coupon (“e-Coupon); and New Customers must submit credit card application via designated link for a Designated Card issued by Citi-HK during the Promotion Period and the card application is approved by Citi-HK and identified as eligible application. Merchant will email the e-Coupon to the Eligible Cardholder’s registered email (as regi stered in the Merchant’s record) within 1 month upon the Designated Card Application being approved by Citi-HK. Each Eligible Cardholder is responsible for providing the correct email address to receive e-Coupon. Citibank and the Merchant shall not be responsible for any loss of e-Coupon in relation to a mistake made by the Cardholder.
    2 Designated Card’s welcome offer issued by Citibank Subject to each Designated Card’s welcome offer terms and conditions as stated at Subject to the terms and conditions as stated at
  4. 4. Welcome Offers are only applicable to customers who currently do not hold, have not cancelled or have not held any principal credit card issued by Citi within the past 12 months from the month the customer makes a Card Application for the Designated Card ("New Customers").
  5. 5. Welcome Offers are not applicable for student applications.
  6. 6. Each Eligible Cardholder is entitled to enjoy the Welcome Offers once only.
  7. 7. Welcome Offers cannot be changed once elected during the Card Application process, nor transferred to another person, cancelled, reversed or exchanged for cash.
  8. 8. Eligible Cardholders’ Designated Card accounts must be valid and in good standing during the entire Promotion Period and Fulfillment Period in order to enjoy the Welcome Offers.
  9. 9. The Merchant and/or Citibank reserves the right to grant alternative Welcome Offers of the Designated Card to Eligible Cardholders.
  10. 10. In case of any fraud/abuse/reversal or cancellation of transactions included in the calculation of the spending conditions, the Merchant and/or Citibank reserves the right to debit from the Eligible Cardholders’ Designated Card accounts the equivalent amount of the Welcome Offers awarded under this Promotion without prior notice.
  11. 11. Citibank may require customers to submit additional documents in order to complete the Card Application in special conditions.
  12. 12. Employees of Citibank or Citibank N.A or its subsidiaries are not eligible for any of the Welcome Offers under the Promotion.
  13. 13. The Welcome Offers are not applicable to individuals resident in the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey, Monaco, San Marino, The Vatican, United Kingdom, The Isle of Man, Brazil and New Zealand during the period from the commencement of the Promotion Period to the date of redemption of the Welcome Offers.
  14. 14. Unless otherwise specified, the Welcome Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other special promotions, discounts, or promotional coupons, nor transferred or exchanged for cash or other offers.
  15. 15. The Welcome Offers received from this Promotion cannot be used to settle any previous outstanding balances, withdrawn as cash advance, nor transferred or exchanged for cash or other offers.
  16. 16. Availability of the Welcome Offers is subject to offer or service availability, account status checking and final acceptance by Citibank and the Merchant at their absolute discretion. Photos, product specifications and prices are for reference only.
  17. 17. Eligible Cardholders shall be deemed to have accepted any risks and liabilities in whatsoever nature associated with the services / auxiliary services supplied by Citibank and the Merchant, and shall waive any claim against Citibank and the Merchant in relation to such risks and liabilities when New Customers make any relevant transactions.
  18. 18. Citibank and the Merchant will carry out this Promotion in accordance with the applicable laws of Hong Kong. In the event this Promotion is stopped by government agency’s orders or must be suspended due to server network attack or system failure or any circumstances beyond Citibank’s and Merchant’s the control, such event shall be regarded as a force majeure event, and Citibank and the Merchant shall not be liable for any damage, loss or dispute therein.
  19. 19. The Merchant and/or Citibank reserves the right to amend these and other relevant terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  20. 20. All matters and disputes related to this Promotion and/or the Welcome Offers will be subjected to the final decision of the Merchant and/or Citibank.
  21. 21. In the case of discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail. e-Coupon Usage Terms and Conditions
  1. 21. Each eligible application will be entitled for the welcome offer of HK$600 e-Coupon.
  2. 22. The e-Coupon will be email to customer registered email at within 15 workings upon approved application.
  3. 23. The redemption period of the HK$600 e-Coupon is valid for 6 months from the issue date.
  4. 24. The travel period of the HK$600 e-Coupon is valid for 9 months from the issue date.
  5. 25. The e-Coupon is only application for bookings/ purchase at hutchgo website ( and hutchgo mobile application only.
  6. 26. The e-Coupon is applicable for booking of flights, hotels and packages. It is not applicable for any applicable taxes, cost of levy, fuel surcharges and hutchgo administrative fee (if any). Traveller should bear the relevant cost.
  7. 27. Only one e-Coupon can be used for each transaction, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers or discounts and cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent neither.
  8. 28. The total value of the e-Coupon will be deducted in full when used. Any unused balance will be forfeited.
  9. 29. The e-Coupon needs to be keyed in at time of payment whereas no e-Coupon can be used once reservation is confirmed.
  10. 30. Any unused services, refund is not applicable and not valid for exchange of other services. Any expired or invalid e-Coupon will not be re-issued.
  11. 31. Refund amount will not include the e-Coupon value, if refund is made.
  12. 32. You must not store the e-Coupon in a data retrieval system outside of this website; or reproduce, copy, change or publish the e-Coupon in any form or by any means; or misuse e-Coupon. Any of the foregoing acts is a violation of the terms and conditions of e-Coupon, which may result in the rejection or cancellation of the relevant e-Coupon. All consequences, losses and/or damages shall be borne by you, will not be responsible or bear any legal responsibility
  13. 33. If the flight ticket or hotel bookings redeemed by the e-Coupon fails to depart or stay due to any force majeure factors (such as flight cancellation, rescheduling, failure to leave the country or compulsory quarantine caused by the pandemic), hutchgo is not responsible for any loss and will not make any refund or compensation of the e-Coupon used.
  14. 34. For enquiries, please email to
  15. 35. Hutchison Travel Limited reserves the right to cancel, revise, suspend or terminate all or any part(s) of the e-Coupon, of the terms and conditions herein contained, at any time without prior notice or reason.
  16. 36. Citibank shall not be responsible for any matters in relation to the e-Coupon fulfillment arrangement. For fulfillment enquiries or disputes, please contact the Merchant’s customer service.
「Citi 信用卡之hutchgo.com限時迎新獎賞推廣」(「推廣」)條款及細則:
  1. 1. 除特別註明外,推廣期由2023年3月13日至2023年6月12日,包括首尾兩日(「推廣期」)。
  2. 2. 本推廣由花旗銀行(香港)有限公司(「花旗銀行」)及 (「商戶」)共同舉辦。
  3. 3. 新客戶(定義見條款4)完成下列所有換領條件要求(「合資格客戶」),可享迎新獎賞(「迎新獎賞」):
    1. a. 於推廣期內透過由商戶提供的指定連結遞交花旗銀行發出之Citi PremierMiles信用卡、Citi Cash Back 信用卡、 Citi Rewards銀聯信用卡、Citi Rewards萬事達卡(Citi Rewards信用卡(學生) 除外) 、Citi The Club信用卡或Citi Prestige信 用卡(「指定信用卡」) 之主卡申請(「信用卡申請」)。
    2. b. 指定信用卡於遞交信用卡申請後一個月內成功獲花旗銀行審批及於發卡日後一個月內成功確認指定信用卡。
    3. c. 達到以下相關迎新獎賞簽賬條件(如適用)
      迎新獎賞 簽賬條件 獎賞發放期
    1 HK$600 電子優惠券 (「電子優惠券」;及 新客戶必須於推廣期內透過指定連結遞交信用卡申請,申請一張由花旗香港發出的指定卡,而該信用卡申請已獲花旗香港批准並認定為合資格申請。 電子優惠券將於指定信用卡申請獲成功審批後一個月内由商戶以電郵方式發送到合資格客戶商戶記錄中的有效電子郵箱。客戶有責任提供正確之電郵以收取電子優惠券。如客戶提供錯誤資訊而引致未能接收電子優惠券之電子郵箱,花旗銀行及商戶恕不負責一切損失。
    2 花旗銀行提供的指定信用卡之迎新獎賞 受各指定信用卡的相關迎新獎賞之條款及細則約束,詳情請參閱 花旗銀行提供的指定信用卡的迎新獎賞發放期將受限於相關條款及細則,詳情請參閱
  4. 4. 迎新獎賞僅適用於未持有任何由花旗銀行所發行之Citi信用卡主卡之客戶,及於由客戶作出指定信用卡的信用卡申請當月起計過去12個月內未曾持有或未曾取消任何由花旗銀行所發行之Citi信用卡主卡之客戶(「新客戶」)。
  5. 5. 迎新獎賞不適用於學生申請。
  6. 6. 每位合資格客戶僅限享迎新獎賞一次。
  7. 7. 迎新獎賞於信用卡申請時確認後不得更改、轉讓予他人、取消、撤回或兌換現金。
  8. 8. 於整個推廣期及獎賞發放期內,新用戶之指定信用卡賬戶必須為有效及信用狀況良好方可享迎新獎賞。
  9. 9. 商戶及/或花旗銀行將保留權利給予合資格客戶指定信用卡之另一款迎新獎賞。
  10. 10. 如發現不被認可之交易或任何與換領迎新獎賞之欺詐或濫用之情況,商戶及/或花旗銀行保留權利從合資格客戶之指定信用卡賬戶內扣除已送出之本推廣下的迎新獎賞之面值,而毋須事先通知。
  11. 11. 花旗銀行會在特定情況下要求客戶補交指定文件以完成信用卡申請。
  12. 12. 本推廣下的迎新獎賞並不適用於所有花旗銀行、花旗銀行N.A或其子公司之員工。
  13. 13. 此迎新獎賞並不適用於由推廣期開始到領取迎新獎賞期間爲歐盟、歐洲經濟區居民、瑞士、根西、澤西、 摩納哥、聖馬連奴、梵蒂岡、 英國、曼島、巴西或紐西蘭的個人客戶。
  14. 14. 除特別註明外,此迎新獎賞不可與其他優惠、折扣或優惠券同時使用,不可轉讓予其他人、不可兌換現金或其他優惠。
  15. 15. 於本推廣所獲得之迎新獎賞,不可用作繳付尚欠賬項、不可提取作為現金透支、不可轉讓予其他人、不可兌換現金或換取其他優惠。
  16. 16. 本推廣須受貨品或服務供應、賬戶審查及批核限制,並須依花旗銀行及商戶之最終決定權而定。圖片、產品資料及價錢只供參考。
  17. 17. 當合資格客戶進行相關交易時,相當於接受花旗銀行及商戶提供的貨品或服務的質量及形式的相關風險和責任,以及花旗銀行及商戶不負責就此類風險和負債所提出的任何索賠。
  18. 18. 花旗銀行及商戶將依香港法例進行本推廣,如本推廣因受政府機關指令、遭受嚴重網絡攻擊、系統故障或因其他於花旗銀行及商戶控制外的情況而無法順利進行,此種情況為不可抗力。花旗銀行及客戶毋須為因不可抗力造成的損害、損失、糾紛承擔任何責任。
  19. 19. 商戶及/或花旗銀行保留於任何時候修改任何有關條款及細則之權利而毋須另行通知。
  20. 20. 與本推廣及/或迎新獎賞相關的所有事項或爭議,均以商戶及/或花旗銀行之決定為最終裁決。
  21. 21. 如中英文條款及細則有歧異,概以英文版本為準。
  1. 21. 每名合資格申請者均可獲享 HK$600 電子禮券迎新禮遇。
  2. 22. 電子優惠券將於申請獲批後15個工作日內電郵至客戶於hutchgo.com登記的電郵。
  3. 23. HK$600電子禮券的兌換期為發出日期起計6個月。
  4. 24. HK$600 電子禮券之旅遊有效期為發出日期起計九個月。
  5. 25. 電子禮券只適用於hutchgo網頁及hutchgo手機應用程式中的旅遊產品。
  6. 26. 電子禮券只適用於預訂機票、酒店及自由行套票。電子禮券並不適用於扣減任何稅項及附加費、印花成本、燃油附加費或其他附加項目如旅遊保險、 行政費(如有)。旅客應承擔相關費用。
  7. 27. 每次交易只可使用一個電子禮券碼,並不能與其他優惠或推廣同時使用及不能兌換現金。
  8. 28. 電子禮券碼只可使用一次,使用時會一次性扣減禮券總值,餘額將不作找續或退還。
  9. 29. 電子禮券碼必須於網上付款前一併輸入,已確認之預訂不會接受任何後補使用。
  10. 30. 任何未使用之電子禮券將不能兌換現金及更改為其他產品或服務。逾期或已失效的電子禮券將不獲補發。
  11. 31. 如有退款,退款金額將不包括電子禮券的價值。
  12. 32. 閣下不得將電子禮券碼存儲在本網站以外的資料檢索系統內;或以任何形式或通過任何方式重製、複制、更改或發佈電子禮券碼;或 濫用電子禮券碼。任何前述行為是違反電子禮券碼條款及細則,有可能導致有關電子禮券碼被拒絕或取消,一切後果、損失及/或損害由閣下負責及承擔,hutchgo.com恕不負責或承擔任何法律責任。
  13. 33. 使用電子禮券碼兌換的機票或酒店如因任何不可抗力之因素(如疫情引起的航班取消、改期、未能出境或強制檢疫等)而未能出發或入住,hutchgo.com將不會對客戶的任何損失負上責任, 亦不會作出退款或賠償。
  14. 34. 如有任何查詢,請電郵至
  15. 35. Hutchison Travel Limited 有權隨時修改電子禮券碼及電子優惠碼之使用條款而不作另行通知。如有爭議,Hutchison Travel Limited 擁有最終決定權。
  16. 36. 花旗銀行不負責一切有關電子優惠券誌賬安排之事宜。如有任何關於電子優惠券誌賬的查詢或爭議,請聯絡商戶的客戶服務。